Residential Loss Services

The disasters that may affect your home can vary enormously. Lucas Professional Advocates has handled the many sides of a “Homeowners Policy” and can help you and your family in more ways than just a fair settlement offer.

Read below to learn a bit more about the services that are included when hiring Lucas Professional Advocatest to help settle your insurance claim.


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“I thought we may be getting mistreated a bit by our insurance company but I never imagined we would recover what we ended up with. Thank you very much for all of your hard work.” – Dave, Concord NH

We often hear from our clients that they’ve been told “You don’t have coverage for that” by an agent or company adjuster. This is very often flat-out wrong. Insurance policies have areas of coverage buried in the fine print that often allow for further payment if someone just took the time to look.

Before you take the word of a company representative that you don’t have coverage; have Lucas Professional Advocates take a look through your policy to get the real story. We bet you’ll be surprised by what we can find.

This is often where the visible difference is made. Your insurer will send out a representative to prepare an estimate of damages at your home. This person is often trained to measure only what is visibly damaged and pay for nothing more. As you may be finding out the hard-way; this won’t get your home fixed properly.

At Lucas Professional Advocates we take pride in writing thorough estimates leaving nothing behind while applying real world knowledge of the actual repair process. Don’t let a company adjuster tell you that he can’t make adjustments because his computer program won’t allow him/her to. Let us negotiate for you with our own estimate of damages and get you the settlement you deserve.

The personal property (contents) portion of a homeowners claim is often the area where the most money is left behind. With the amount of information being thrown at you along with the stress that comes with an insurance claim; it is easy to overlook this area. Your policy requires you to present the company with a detailed list of what has been damaged. This can take a massive amount of time to do on your own.

Let our personal property specialists “take the wheel” and prepare the inventory for you. Learn more about how Lucas Professional Advocates can help you maximize the recovery of of damaged personal property.

Negotiations are often the toughest part of a claim for the insured. When you are facing a tough negotiator from your insurance company you may not know exactly how to get what you know you deserve. Let Lucas Professional Advocates step in and ease the tensions by handling the negotiations first hand. When you hire Lucas Professional Advocates, the insurer is no longer allowed to contact you directly; they must bring all negotiations through our office. Furthermore we specialize in insurance conflict resolution while keeping your best interest at the forefront of the negotiation.

Don’t waste your time with a stubborn company adjuster; let Lucas Professional Advocates handle your claim for you.

Additional living expense is a coverage provided by most policies meant to ease the tensions by providing you with a safe place to stay while the repairs are made as well as covering any increase in your day to day costs due to the loss. What’s not often explained are your rights under the policy. We hear time and time again about whole families sharing one hotel room or families staying in a short term rental and not being reimbursed for their extra food and travel expenses.

Let Lucas Professional Advocates help you and your family prepare the additional living expenses submissions so that you can recover what you have lost by simply trying to survive throughout the loss period.

Unlike the other services we provide; peace of mind is an intangible product. And though you can’t put a value on this service it is one of the most important parts of your claim. It is easy to find yourself lost in the claims handling process and this can often lead to frustration in your personal and family life.

Let us offer you peace of mind by not only handling your claim with expertise but explaining the process step by step so that you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands.  We take our time to ensure that the insured knows exactly what is going on at all times. Call Lucas Professional Advocates today so we can start helping you on the road to recovery.